Burger King Head Office UK: 01753 500 000

Here’s the number for the Burger King customer services based at their Head Office in Slough: 01753 500 000.

The Burger King Head Office UK number can be used to complain about a customer service experience. You can also use this number if you received a Burger King meal that was not cooked properly, or if you developed a case of food-poisoning that you attribute to a dining experience at a Burger King fast-food restaurant.

You can also use this number if you have a concern about Burger King policy, including ethical concerns about the way their meat is sourced or produced, or whether a certain product is halal. Or maybe you are a vegetarian, or vegan, who has a question about a product such as their new rebel burger, which is a 100% plant based. If so phone their head office on 01753 500 000.

The Burger King UK head office address is as follows:

Burger King UK
Park House
15 Bath Road

Burger King Head Customer Services Number: 0333 207 4208

As well as the local-rate UK head office number, Burger King also offer an 0333 customer service number for customers to use for complaints or comment. This number can be found on the Customer Feedback page on the Burger King website. On this page customers are provided with an email feedback form which they can use to contact the Burger King customer service team.