Bufora British UFO Research Association

Want to report a UFO sighting? Or do you have further information about a recent UFO sighting? Would you like to report it over the phone or by email? If so check the important information below.

UFO sightings can be reported over the phone to Bufora – the British UFO research Association. However you need to be aware that their phone line is a premium rate number for which you will be charged a hefty access fee and a further charge set by your mobile phone provider. Bypass these fees when contacting Bufora by using email or contact form instead of their 0844 premium rate phone line.

The full number is 0844 567 4695. Instead we recommend you use their online Contact Form or the email enquiries@bufora.org.uk if you would like to report a sighting, attend a tour, or join up.


Bufora is an anacronym of the British UFO Research Association, a group which collates, logs and provides information on UFO sightings in the UK. They hold regular conferences with speakers from around the world. They also arrange tours led by people who have reported UFO sightings, in the area where these sightings took place. An example of this was featured in a recent article on the BBC website: UFO sightings investigated