British Council Contact Number: +44 (0) 161 957 7755

The British Council customer service contact number is 0161 957 77755 if calling from within the UK. If calling from abroad you will need to use the UK dialling code as well as omitting the zero before 161. 

British Council Customer Care – +44 (0) 161 957 7755

The British Council customer service number is 0161 957 7755. It can be used for complaints. This number can be used by candidates who would like to complain about an examiner or their experience in the IELTS exam. This number is also suitable for reporting unprofessional behaviour if you are unsatisfied with the conduct of a British Council teacher at your school.

You can also choose to write to complain at the following postal address: 

British Council Customer Service UK

Bridgewater House 

58 Whitworth Street


M1 6BB


Alternatively you can contact the British Council customer care team using their online feedback form: British Council Customer Care

British Council Email Address

If you have a general enquiry about the IELTS exam or the work of the British Council around the world then you may choose to contact them by email. The British Council general enquiries email address is:

This British Council email address can be used by staff, IELTS candidates or members of the general public who have a general enquiry.