British Airways Executive Club Phone Number: 0344 4930 747

Sadly a premium rate 0844 phone number is advertised as the first telephone number on the British Airways Executive Club contact page. Calls to this number could end up racking up a hefty charge on your phone bill, especially if you have to wait for an answer. We recommend you avoid phoning this number. Instead opt for the number 0344 4930 747, which is advertised on the same page on their site and will connect you with the same team.

Note that the premium rate number 0844 4930 7474 is almost the same as the 0344 4930 7474 number. The only differences are the 8 and the 3. However the small difference in the number hides a huge difference in the price to call them. Calls to an 0844 number can be charged at up to 72 pence per minute. In contrast calls to the number will be included in most mobile phone packages and even if not included will just be charged as a geographic number.

Calls to both numbers will be met with the following options:

Option 2 – New bookings and enquiries relating to flights, hotels,  car hire. It is next to this option that the 0844 number is advertised. Don’t use it, instead phone 0344 4930 7474 and press option 2. You will be put through to the same team. So avoid spending your money on the premium rate number and instead save it to spend on your trip.

Option 3 – Executive Club account enquiries (balance , address change etc). Special requests.

Option 1 – Flight bookings and hotels, plus car hire enquiries

BA Executive Club Group Sales – 0344 493 0765

If you are travelling as a group you should choose the Group sales line to find out about rewards for your trip. You can also phone this number to ensure that your BA Executive Club account is set up correctly and for advice on how to use it.

British Airways Executive Club – 0344 4930 747

The British Airways Executive Club is a points-based travel rewards scheme that is run by Avios. In fact the points system they use is named Avios after the company. Each time you travel you will earn Avios which will be added to your British Airways Executive Club Account, which you can manage on the British Airways website.