Bristol City Council Contact: 0117 922 2000

The Bristol City Council general enquiries telephone line, also known as the Switchboard,  is 0117 922 2000. This number is for residents of Bristol to enquire about the nature and availability of services in the area, lines are open between 8.30 and 5 Monday to Thursday and 8.30-4.30 on Fridays. The telephone dialling code for the Bristol area is 0117, so you will notice that most of the numbers that appear on this page begin this way.

1) Council Tax
2) Council Housing Numbers
3) Waste and Environmental Services
4) Crime and Emergencies
5) Social Services
6) Homelessness Numbers
7) Business Contact Numbers
8) Complaints

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Council Tax

Council Tax Support and General Enquiries Number: 0117 922 2900

Phone 0117 922 2900 between 8.30 and 6pm Monday to Friday if you are experiencing financial difficulties that are making it difficult to pay your council tax. This Bristol City Council contact number can also be used to organise a payment arrangement and you can also discuss whether you are entitled to support, discount, or exemptions. The Council Tax Office number 0117 922 2900 can also be used for general enquires, or you can use this online form

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction: 0117 922 2300

The Bristol City Contact number to find out if you are eligible for council tax reduction is 0117 922 2300. You are likely to be eligible if you are on a low income or are on state benefits. If you want to find out more about the council tax reduction scheme, which was introduced in 2013, then visit the Apply for Council Tax Reduction page on the .Gov.UK website.

Pay your Council Tax: 0870 707 7776

Residents of Bristol can pay their Council Tax via an automated telephone line which charges 2 pence per minute plus any access charge as set by your mobile phone provider. Phone Bristol City Council’s Council tax team on 0870 707 7776 to pay your council tax any day of the year 24/7. Be sure to have your council tax account number with you when you make the call.

Council Housing Contact Numbers

Council Housing General Enquiries Number: 0117 922 2200

Bristol City Council operate a tenancy enquiries telephone number that can be used by council housing residents to pay rent, request a repair, or request assistance with online services. The number for council housing is 0117 922 2200. The line is open 8.30 – 6 Monday to Friday, apart from on Wednesdays when it is closed for lunch between 12 and 1.30. You can also request non emergency repairs online by following this link: Bristol City Council Report a Repair.

Emergency Repairs: 0117 922 2200 / 0117 922 2050

If you want to request an emergency repair between 8.30am and 6pm (morning and day) then the number you need is 0117 922 2200. Between 6pm and 8.30 am (evening and night) then number you need for repairs on your Bristol City Council property is 0117 922 2050. Both are emergency numbers to be used if the damage to your property poses a security risk. Examples could be if the lock to your front door has been irreparably damaged or if a window has been smashed. 

Pay Your Council Housing Rent: 0870 707 7776

This Bristol City Council contact number is a 24/7 automated line for which you will be charged two pence a minute and an access fee from your mobile service provider. Payment is free from a debit card but you will be charged 1.8% if you use a credit card. If you experience any difficulties when paying your Trent then phone 0117 922 2200 for assistance.

Council Housing Complaints: 0117 922 2723

Phone 0117 922 2723 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday to lodge a complaint concerning a council property owned by Bristol City Council. You can also use this complaints line or email to follow up your complaint.

All local councils in the UK are obliged to have a council housing complaints policy and procedure. If you would like to request a copy of the Bristol City Council complaints policy  then phone 0117 922 2723.  This telephone line is open between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Council Tenancy Fraud: 0117 922 2470

If you suspect someone living in a Bristol City housing association property is guilty of tenancy fraud then you can report them over the phone on 0117 922 2470.

Waste and Environmental Services: 0117 922 2100

If you have an enquiry about Bristol City Council’s waste management services including bin collection , bulky, clinical or green waste then phone the waste and environmental services telephone line: 0117 922 2100. It is also the number to phone if you would like to find out what your bin day is if you have moved house or are new to Bristol.

This number can also be used by elderly or disabled residents who would like assistance in putting out their bins for collection.

As well as information about domestic collection you can also phone 0117 922 2100 to locate your nearest recycling centre and discuss which products you can dispose of. Be aware that there are complex rules surrounding the disposal of hazardous waste particularly asbestos and you will need to check the rulings on disposal of hazardous waste in Bristol.

Bristol City Council Crime and Emergencies

If you have just witnessed a crime or you are aware of one happening now you should phone the 999 police emergency line. 

Bristol city council also have a number of contacts that you can use to notify the police of specific crimes in the Bristol area. Some of these number are national helplines while others are specific to the Bristol area. 

      • Anti terrorist hotline – 0800 789 321
      • Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery – 0800 0121 700
      • Hate Crime – 0117 922 2500
      • Support for female victims of Abuse & Violence – 0117 925 0680
      • Support for male victims of Abuse & Violence – 0300 303 1972
      • Report anto social behaviour in you community – 0117 922 2500

Bristol City Council Social Services: 0117 922 2700

Report financial or elder abuse of a vulnerable adult in Bristol by phoning the Adult care social services team (also known as care direct) on 0117 922 2700. Carers can also phone this number to request advice and support. At night or the weekends you can phone Bristol City Council Emergency Team on: 01454 615165.

Bristol City Council Homelessness Numbers: 0300 500 0914

If you or someone you know is sleeping rough on the streets of Bristol then you can phone 0300 500 0914 for support and advice on homelessness services in the Bristol area. This number is particularly useful if the weather drops below zero for three days in a row as the council becomes obliged to offer shelter.

Bristol City Council Business Contacts

Business Rates Number: 03000 501 501

If there are any changes to the way you use your business premises, for example if you rent out office space or change the nature of your business this may effect your business rates. Notify Bristol City Council of these changes on 03000 501 501 or email them at:

You can also pay your business rates over the phone on their 24 hour automated line: 0870 707 7776.

Bristol City Council Complaints

Raise a complaint about a Bristol City Council service by email on:

Or by letter to:
Customer Relations (100 TS)
PO Box 3176