BrightLife UK: 0330 333 1139

Brightlife UK are a catalogue mail order and TV retail company whose parent company JD marketing LTD have head offices in Liverpool, England. You can  contact Brightlife UK  on 0330 333 1139. 

Be aware that the 0330 333 1139 number above is for the Brightlife UK warehouse which has now closed down. However the phone line is still in operation and you will be re-directed to their customer service team who can help you with any general enquiries. 

Furthermore their order phone number 0344 3345 345 is no longer in operation, the line is no longer in operation. This is because BrightLife are no longer taking orders either by telephone or from TV. The only way to speak to a member of the Brightlife UK team is by using the 0330 number above. 


JD Marketing LTD

Brightlife UK’s parent company are JD Marketing LTD in Liverpool.