Boromi +44 (0) 7708 912 03031

Organise for your school to be part of the Boromi play library network by phoning their manager Evie Keogh on 07708 912 031.

Boromi Delivery Infographic

The Boromi project works the same way as a school library apart from one thing: there are no books. Instead of books they offer boxes with educational play activities and toys for children to enjoy at home with their parents. At the start of each term Boromi deliver their boxes to partner schools. The schools then lend the boxes to pupils who can take them home and enjoy, before returning them to the school at the end of term. Boromi then collect the old boxes and deliver a new set of boxes with different toys for children to borrow and enjoy at the start of the following term.

Boromi boxes are an educational bridge that connect the home with the school. Their recent impact report shows that Boromi involvement can enhance young children’s home learning experiences.

If you are a parent or a teacher that would like your school to be involved in the Boromi borrowing program then phone 07708 912 031 or email