Bongaigaon STD Code: 03664

The landline telephone STD code for Bongaigaon, in the state of Assam India, is 03664. This STD telephone code appears as a prefix in all telephone calls to and from the city.

Bongaigaon STD Code 03664

Bongaigaon is a major city and economic hub of the state of Assam. It is choc-a-bloc with malls, hotels, restaurants and historical attractions. The landline telephone numbers for all these establishments will begin with the STD code 03664. Also residential areas within the city will also be covered by the Bongaigaon STD code. 

If calling a Bongaigaon from abroad you will need to drop the initial ‘0’ from the STD code, replacing it with the India STD code of +91.