Birmingham Airport Telephone Number: 0871 222 0072

Let’s start with the bad news: Birmingham airport have chosen to use a 0871 number as their main port of call for customers wishing to contact them by telephone.

Why is this bad news? Because 0871 numbers are charged at up to 13 pence per minute plus an access charge from your mobile telephone provider. And the good news? Whilst we haven’t been able to locate a working alternative customer service contact number for Birmingham Airport, we have found some local rate numbers which you can use for other purposes. These include to report lost property, and to request special assistance. We have also rounded up some useful contacts such as the CEO email address, and some Birmingham Airport social media accounts.

Picture of a plane taking off at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport Lost or Damaged Luggage – 0121 767 7771

Report an item of luggage that has been lost or damaged by  phoning Birmingham Airport on 0121 767 7771.

Birmingham Airport Parking – 0345 0507080

Book your parking at Birmingham Airport by telephone on 0345 0507080. Alternatively you can book your parking space online: Birmingham Airport Car Park Booking.

Birmingham Airport Special Assistance – 0121 767 7878 

Phone the Birmingham Airport Special Assistance reception desk on 0121 767 7878 for support and assistance for disabled passengers. You can also visit the Birmingham Airport Special Assistance area which is located in the yellow zone near the entrance to the airport. It is best to phone at least 24 hours in advance to book your assistance such as a wheelchair or support getting through the security process. You can also phone the Birmingham Airport special assistance line to get information about reserved seating and disabled toilets.

Birmingham Airport Social Media Accounts

Birmingham Airport have a large social media following with over 75,000 followers on Twitter.

Birmingham Airport CEO Email

You can also contact the Chief Operating Officer at Birmingham Airport by Email. His address is: