Bhuj STD Code

The STD code for Bhuj, the administrative capital of Gujarat’s Kutch district, is 02832. This STD code appears as the prefix in the telephone number of all of Ghuj’s attractions including Aina Mahal ‘the hall of mirrors,’ Prag Mahal and Sharad Baug Palace. However if calling from abroad the STD code will be 2832 and will be preceded by the +91 international dialling code for India.


Bhuj Tourist Attractions

Bhuj is the primary city of the Kutch district which is located on the western tip of India’s western state of Gujurat. As such it is pretty as much as far west as you can go in India before reaching the coast. The city is blessed with a wealth of centuries old tourists attractions which boast some splendid architecture and fantastic stories.

Below is a list of some of these Bhuj tourist attractions and we have included the telephone contact details with the STD code marked in red. You will also note the +91 international code listed before the STD. If you are making your call from within India then of course you can drop the

Aina Mahal – +91 2832 291 702

Sharad Baug Palace – +91 2832 291 701

Kutch Museum – +91 2832 220 541


There are also several towns within the district of Kutch that share the same 02832 STD code as Bhuj. These include Tirth Dam, Bhujodi, Kotay among others.


Bhuj on the map


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