Bhind STD Code – 07534

The telephone STD code for Bindh is 07534 and will appear as a prefix to all calls to this north Madhya Pradeshi town. You will note this code if you make a call to a Bhind number such as a hotel, a hospital or the superintendent of police and also if you receive a call from the town.

The police superintendents number is 07534 -231 200. Note the use of the Bhind STD access code. 

Bhind STD Access code – from abroad

If calling a Bhind number from outside India you will need to use the +91 India access code and drop the ‘0’ from the Bhind STD code. So, to take the example of the Police Superintendents number, we dial +91 7534 – 231200.

The component parts of this number are represented in the table below:

India Code STD code Landline No
From India 07534 000 000
From Abroad +91 7534 000 000