BetelUK House Clearance number

Betel UK are a charity who provide house and property clearances in the Birmingham area. Contact them on 0121 663 1565 or email to organise a house clearance or collection from properties including:

  • houses
  • gardens
  • garages
  • sheds
  • offices

Who are Betel UK?

Betel UK are a homeless charity working in cities across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Their aim is to take people out of homelessness and poverty and provide them with a place to live and grow. Residents usually need to have a time of rehabilitation when they first arrive at Betel. This will involve rest and support from their fellows. Life in Betel is busy, but the new people are give a space for rest and recuperation.

Although their work follows a Christian ethos, they provide help and support to people from all backgrounds. They aim to help people get rid of their addictions while learning skills and building confidence.

Why do Betel UK offer house clearances?

Residents of Betel UK houses perform work duties as part of their recovery programs. This in order to help them build confidence and routine into their lives. One such work program is house clearances and collections. After a period of recovery residents are encouraged to work with a senior member of staff. Therefore by employing Betel to do your house clearance you will be helping a young man or woman to get back on their feet and find their confidence.

Book a house clearance with Betel over the telephone on 0121 663 1565. As well as Birmingham, this service is provided across the West Midlands.

Furniture donation and restoration

Betel will also visit your home to pick up unwanted furniture, electrical items, bric-a-brac and clothing. They will take furniture donations for sale in the Betel shops in Shirley and yardley Wood. They will also do house clearances in Birmingham. 

If you no longer want a piece of furniture but think it could be sold in a Betel furniture shop in Birmingham, then contact them on 0121 436 5562.