Benevolent AI Contact: 020 2037 819 360

The general enquiries telephone contact number for Benevolent AI is 020 2037 819 360. This number will connect you with their offices on Maple Street in London. If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff at their research facility in Cambridge then you should phone 01223 497 300. You can also contact them on this number to discuss their work on the groundbreaking Covid-19 drug research that is taking place at their laboratories. 

Benevolent AI General Enquiries

There are two options for getting in touch with Benevolent AI with a general enquiry. You can either email, or you can phone 020 37 819 360.

Benevolent AI Press Enquiries

Journalists should phone 020 3874 3490 with their press enquiries. Or they can email

Benevolent AI Business Development

Phone 020 3874 3490 if you would like to speak to Benevolent AI regarding a business idea or proposition. This number will take you through to the