Beijing International Travel Healthcare Centre: 010 8240 3675

The customer service telephone number for the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Centre is +86 (0)10 8240 3675.

Foreigners visiting China under a work Z visa will have to undergo a thorough medical examination to prove their fitness for work. One of the best places for this is the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Centre in the Haidian District of Beijing. This is a clinic located on the outskirts of the city that works specifically for the purpose of checking the health of foreign visitors for visa purposes. Contact the clinic by telephone on 010 8240 3675 from China, or +86 8240 3675 from outside the country.

Phone this number if you have any questions about the medical examination. You can also phone thus number if you have any queries about picking up your certificate, or to report an item of lost property.

Beijing Health Medical for Foreigners

All foreigners who come to China on a work Z visa will have to do a thorough medical as part of their residency visa application. This medical will involve checks of your heart rate, an ECG, blood tests, ENT, sight, hearing and blood pressure. 

In Beijing the best place to get this done is at the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Centre. This centre is a clinic that specialises in doing  health checks for visa purposes. It is set up over two floors with special rooms dedicated to each step of the process. If you choose to go early to avoid the crowds the whole process can be completed within half an hour. At less than 500 yuan in total the clinic is an affordable option for your health check.

You should phone the clinic in advance on 010 8240 3675, if you have any special requirements or concerns about your examination.

On the morning of your examination you need to avoid food and drink. You will also need to remember to bring two passport photographs. When you arrive you will need to fill in an application form providing details such as your passport and visa numbers. A member of staff will then give you a form that will advise you of all the steps you need to take to complete the health certificate application.

There are 6 steps to complete the process, including a blood test, Ear nose and throat, ECG and ultrasound. Each of these tests will be in a separate room and you will have to get each done before your application is complete and can be signed off. 

When you have completed the test you can go back to the reception desk to hand in the form. Lastly you will need to arrange how and when you will pick up your Physical Examination Certificate. The best way to do this is by using the express service that they provide. This way you will not have to return to the clinic.

Physical Examination
Certificate Courier Service

Before you leave the clinic you will need to arrange how you would like tom collect your physical examination certificate which will be issued a couple of days after the test. The Beijing International Travel Healthcare Centre offer a courier service. For 30 yuan your certificate can be delivered to you at your hotel. If you decide to avail of this service you will be issued with a receipt which you will need to keep until the certificate arrives.

On the receipt customers are provided with a customer service number and a complaints line. The customer service number is 010 5331 7997. You can use this number if you need to change the delivery address for your certificate or would like to cancel your order.

Phone the complaints line on 1360 131 0800 if your certificate does not arrive on time or if you are not happy with the condition of your report when it arrives.