BBC Sport Text Number

Enjoying a seven goal thriller? Are you watching a game that is so tight you can’t keep your excitement to yourself any longer? Or have you seen a foul or comment that makes your blood boil?

If so get involved by texting the BBC Sport live text number 81111, or hashtag #BBCfootball, #BBCcricket #BBCboxing etc in a tweet. BBC sport are happy to share quality comments on their live football page.


BBC Sport Live Text

For important football, cricket, rugby and boxing matches, BBC sport will often create a live text commentary page. Their own paid reporters will often provide comment on this page throughout the course of the match. An editor will also work on the page choosing the best, funniest and most interesting comments from the general public.The editor will then share a selection of these comments on the live reporting page. If you following a game on the BBC, then you can make your comment heard by texting 81111, or you can tweet your comment. Other readers csan then respond to your comment.

These comments then often lead to some interesting debates, running jokes and great commentary. It also offers a chance for your to interact with the live commentary team and make your thoughts known.

Be aware though that the BBC only accepts live text comments from phones operating in the UK. If you abroad at the time you will not be able to comment.