Baroda (Vadodara) STD Code: 0265

Have you received a phone call from a 0265 landline? Wondering which area in India this call came from? Well look no further….

Located in Gujurat the STD code of Baroda (Vadodara) is 0265 and this local access number will prefix all calls to the city. However, be aware that if calling Baroda from outside India you will need to omit the zero from the STD code, replacing it with the India international access code +91.

The I love Vado sign at Vadodara Airport

Baroda STD Code – 0265

We can see an example of the Baroda (Vadodara) STD code in use by examining the telephone number of the offices of the Gujurat Tourist Office in Baroda. The number of these offices, if calling from within India is 0265 242 7489. Alternatively, if phoning from outside the country you will need to dial +91 265 242 7489.

Baroda or Vadodara?

Vadorada and Baroda are actually two different names for the same city. Therefore the STD code of 0265 is the Baroda landline code as well as the Vadodara landline code. The city was actually originally called Chandanavati. Later the city came to be known as Vadodara, which means ‘in the heart of the Banyan tree’ in Sanskrit. However when the English arrived as merchants they referred to the city as Baroda. In 1974 the name was officially changed back to Vadodara and this remains the official name of the city. 

Important Vadodara Numbers

The Vadodara STD code is illustrated in the Fire Service numbers, below:

Administrative 101, 102
Fire & Emergency Service Control Room

City Command

0265 2413635

82380 23337

Flood Control Room 0265-2423101

0265 2426101

82380 23337

Satellite Number 089911 15022
Dandia Bazar Fire Station 0265 234 3545
Wadiwadi Fire Station 0265 2343545
Panigate Fire Station 0265 3513014
Gajarawadi Fire Station 0265 2580909
TP-13 Chhani Fire Station 0265 2772503
ERC  Fire Station, Darjipura 0265 2541687 /88