Bank of China in Beilin District

Bank of China Branches in the Beilin (啤林)District Xi’an

The Beilin District of Xi’an is an area of the city that nestles the south-east border of the old city walls. It includes the Xingqing Park (兴庆公园)and Universities such as Chang’an and Jiaotong. If you are staying at hotels in the city such as

  • Hawaii Hotel
  • Sino-Pearl Hotel
  • Grand Park Hotel, Xi’an
  • Citadines Palace Apartments – Chang Chun Tung Sub-Branch

then the Bank of China Branches listed in this section will be nearest to your accommodation.

Bank of China Xi’an – Chang An Road Branch – 029 878 95419

The Chang An Road Branch is open on Saturdays and it is near the centre of town on the 45 bus route from Xing Qing Road. If you are staying at the Grand Park Hotel, Xian then this is the nearest Bank of China branch to your accommodation. The bank IS open on Saturdays and you can go there to exchange money. Most of the staff will speak some English and will be able to assist you with any enquiries.

You can book an appointment over the phone on 029 87895419, or just pop in.

Address in English: Bank of China No3 Nan Guan Zheng Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

Address in Chinese: 中国 银行陕西省西安碑林区南关正街3号

Bank of China  Xi’an – Chang Chun Teng Branch – +86 (0) 29 82518733

If you are staying at the Citadines Palace Hotel in Xi’an then the Chang Chun Tenges sub-branch is the nearest to you. When you exit the hotel turn left and it is at the other end of the first street you come across on the left. Bank of China customers can use this branch to do personal banking and to exchange currency. This branch is open daily during the week between 9 am and 5.30.

The telephone number for this bank is 029 82518733

Address in English: Bank of China Xi’an D-1 Chang Chun Tung Community, Beilin District, Shaanxi Province, China, 710054

Address in Chinese: 陕西省西安碑林区常春藤社区D座1层


Bank of China Dongguan Zheng Street (东关正街)- 029 824 93825

The DongGuan Zheng Street Bank of China branch is located near Xingqing Palace Park and the Change Gate. It is a good branch to visit if you are staying at the Citadines Xingqing Palace Park Apartments complex or the Sino-pearl Hotel.

You can make an appointment with the bank to exchange money by phoning them on 029 82493825.

The Address in English: Bank of China, 9 Dongguan Zheng Street, Xian, China

Address in Chinese: 陕西省东关正街9号幸福逸家1楼

Bank of China Xi’an – Bianjia Cun 边家村 : 029 8521 9720

This bank is open between 9 and 4 during the week but is not open on Saturdays. You can contact the bank to make an appointment on 029 8521 9720

Address in English: Bank of China, 300 Youyi Street, Beilin District, Xi’an

Address in Chinese: 西安市碑林区友谊西路300号

Bank of China Xi’an – Xian Ning Road Branch: 029 82418491

The Xian Ning West Road Branch of the Bank of China is located right next to Xing Qing Gong Park. You can contact the bank two days in advance on 029 82418491 (+86 29 82418491) if you would like to exchange currency. This Bank is also very near the Citadines Palace hotel apartments block.

Address in English: Bank of China, 21 Xian Ning Road West, Xi’an, China

Address in Chinese: 中国银行西安咸宁西路21号