Bank of China Branches Xi’an Numbers

Have you been working in Xi’an on a long or short term contract? Would you like to change Chinese Yuan into your home currency? Or are you looking to open an account with the Bank of China in Xi’an?

On this page we provide information and advice on opening an account and exchanging money with the Bank of China in Xi’an. We also provide addresses, and telephone contact numbers of the Bank of China Branches in the city.

Bank of China – Exchanging Currency

When you exchange Chinese Yuan to GBP, Dollar or Euro at a Bank of China branch you will need a Bank of China bank card, your passport and a working telephone number. If you are on a short term contract you will only be able to change up to $500 or £470 each time you visit, at a maximum of four visits per month. You can do this either by ex changing cash, or a direct transfer into your chosen currency using funds from your Bank of China account. 

Customers who are in China on an extended work visa will be able to exchange more money, but will need proof of their work contract and visa.

It is a good idea to make an appointment before you do the exchange to ensure they have your chosen currency in the branch. You can do this over the phone, using the number for the branch nearest your accommodation. 

Bank of China Branches Xi’an, China

Bank of China Xi’an, South (Nan) Jiao Branch – 029 85259411

This  Bank of China branch is located near to the South Gate of Jiaotong University on Chang An North Road. They exchange money from 人民币一 Renminbiyi (Chinese Yuan) to dollars, pounds and Euros. Note that they are not open on Saturdays.

Contact them by telephone too make an appointment on 029 852 59411.

Address in English: Number 9 Chang An North Road, Xi’an Shaanxi Province

Address in Chinese: 西安市长安北路9号

Bank of China Dongxin Street – 029 87509000

This Bank of China is open open Saturdays between 9am and 4pm and you can use it to exchange money. It is located in the New City District (新城区). You can phone in advanced to make an appointment on 029 87509000.

Address in English: Bank of China Dongxin Street

Address in Chinese: 西安市新城区东新街246号

Bank of China Beilin District (碑林区), Xian

Bank of China Yanta District (雁塔区), Xian