Bangalore STD code

The local STD code for Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, is 080 and this number will need to prefix any calls to the city. To call Bangalore from abroad you will need to dial the Indian international code which is +91, then the STD code minus the ‘0’, and then the number.

So the Bangalore STD code phone number would appear as such in a call from abroad:

+91 80 xxx xxxx

Bangalore STD Code – 080

In the table below we provide an example of how the Bangalore landline code is used in a call from outside India and also in a call from within India.

India CodeBangalore STD Local Number
From India0800000 0000
Outside India+91800000 0000


Bangalore, located in the southern state of Karnataka, is also known as Bengaluru. It is famous for it’s beautiful lakes as well as a vibrant night life and high-tech industry. A fascinating city you can contact any of the hotels or tourists spots by telephone and remember the local code: 080.

An example of the Bangalore (Bengaluru) STD code in use is in the company telephone number for Shrivinas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP. This incense manufacturer is based in Bengaluru and you can contact them by telephone on +91 80 484 10223. Here 80 represents the STD code for Bengaluru, and is preceded by the +91 access code for India. If calling Shrivina Sugandhalaya from inside India, the number would be 080 484 10223.

A further illustration of this STD code in use is if we examine the telephone number for the Kamataka Tourist Office, in Bangalore city. The number to dial from within India to reach these offices is 080 255 830 30. Or if phoning from outside India you will need to remove the first zero from the STD code, replacing it with the international dialling code for India which is +91. This makes the number for the tourist office +91 80 255 830 30.

Koramangala STD Code – 080

Koramangala is a substantial suburb of Bangalore; a district in the north-east of the city that is famous for hi-tech industry. The Koramangala STD code is also 080. Therefore any calls to and from this part of Bangalore will be preceded by the 080 STD code.

Marathahalli STD Code – 080

Located in the eastern part of the city Marathahalli is named after a famous aircraft. The aircraft was designed in Hindustan Aeronautics, a famous air-industry company in this part of the city. The STD code for Marathahalli is 080; the same as the rest of Bangalore.

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