Babe Station Phone Number: 0333 335 0299

The only thing dirtier than the conversation you will have with the lady on the other end of the phone is the tactics Babestation use to try and part you and your hard-earned cash. The Babestation phone number is a premium rate number and you will be charged an arm and a leg if you call it.

Babestation Contact Number

Babestation advertise an 09845 premium rate phone number which will be charged at over £1.50 per minute plus an access charge set by your mobile phone provider. This will be an extremely expensive conversation and is best avoided. 

Babestation TV / Babestation Website

Babestation is a live adult TV channel which appears on both Sky and Freeview. Viewers are shown snippets of content and are invited to subscribe to the channel. As well as this they also offer a website, as we stated above avoid the Babestation TV 09 premium rate number unless for you money is no object.

Babestation Play

The 0333 335 0299 customer service telephone number is for customers to report a product bought on the Babestation Play website. If there is a problem with your delivery then phone Babestation Play on 0333 335 0299.