Argos Pet Insurance Contact: 0800 138 5629

Looking for Dog Insurance or Cat Insurance? Whether you are a cat person or a dog person you can get your best friend covered by phoning the Argos Pet Insurance phone number: 0800 138 5629.

The above Argos number can be used to get a dog or cat insurance quote. Lines to this number are open between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday as well as 9-1 on Saturdays. Argos Pet Insurance covers a variety of ailments, injuries and accidents. If you have any questions about the benefits of insuring your pet with Argos then phone them on freephone 0800 138 5629. 

Perhaps the best reason to choose Argos for your cat insurance or dog insurance is that they offer 24/7 support over the phone provided by veterinary nurses. This support will help you with any concerns you have about your pet and help you decide if treatment is necessary.

Argos Dog Insurance 

If your dog is between 8 weeks and 8 years old you can take out a new pet insurance scheme with Argos. They will also continue your dog’s cover as long as you have taken out the insurance scheme before they turn eight. 

Pete Insurance cover levels offered include £2,500, £4,000 or £7,000. As well as this your Argos pet insurance scheme can include £750 cover for loss or theft, and £500 for emergency treatment abroad. If you would like to find out more then contact Argos Pet Insurance on 0800 138 5629.

Argos Cat Insurance

As long as your cat is between the age of 8 weeks and 10 years you can take out Argos Pet Insurance. It is also possible to renew your Argos Cat Insurance scheme beyond the age of ten, but only if you took out the original scheme before your cat’s tenth birthday. 

Argos Cat Insurance provides £2,500, £4000, or £7000 cover for your animal to cover veterinary bills. If you have more than one cat you will get a £1 discount off your insurance scheme for each subsequent cat you insure. If you would like to find out more then contact the Argos Pet Insurance team on free to phone 0800 138 5629.

Argos Pet Insurance schemes are underwitten by Pinnacle Insurance Ltd.