Customers who are seeking assistance should contact the Apple customer service team on 0800 107 6285 for help, advice and technical support. You can also contact the Apple support team by telephone on +353 21 425 9200.

Apple Support Number: +353 21 425 9200

Be aware that the Apple Support team who cover the United Kingdom work from Co. Cork in the Republic of Ireland. Therefore, if you have requested a call using the Apple support page, then they will phone you from a number beginning +353, which is the international dialling code for the Republic of Ireland. One such number is +353 21 425 9200. You can also phone the Apple Support team in Ireland on this number. However, be aware that if you call this number from the UK it is an international call and will incur extra charges on your mobile bill.

Most of the following are 0800 telephone numbers, which are free to call from UK mobiles and landlines. Calls to 0800 numbers are only chargeable from UK payphones or from abroad.

Customer Service

Phone Apple on  0800 1876285 to speak to their customer service team if you are having an issue with a product, need technical support, or have a query about a bill.

Apple’s European headquarters are in County Cork, the Republic of Ireland, so it is likely you will be assisted by a native English speaker with a good deal of knowledge about Apple products; reassuring for customers who have experience of being stuck on hold or forced to deal with an automated service as provided by many other companies.

Products provided by Apple include their Macintosh PCs – a product that has been evolving since the 70s – their iPad tablets, and more recently their iPhones which have revolutionised the mobile phone industry. Their products are renowned for their ease of use, slick deign and reliability. However, despite the deserved trust which customers place in Apple products, there is always a possibility of faults and problems in which case you should contact Apple on the number above to get expert assistance and advice.

Billing queries and concerns are another popular reason for calling Apple. Customers who own an Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad, will likely have an iTunes account on which they can purchase movies, music and other entertainment with the click of a button – or more accurately the touch of a screen on their phone or iPad. However, because it is now so easy to buy things online it is also easy to make mistakes when you are purchasing or be taken advantage off by scammers using techniques such as phishing.

In recent months many iPad and iPhone customers have fallen foul of these devious techniques. Tactics include contacting the customer by an email informing them that they have successfully bought an app, or other product from the Apple Store and asking them to click a link to confirm it. If you recieve one of these emails you should contact Apple, or check your bank account to see if any funds have been removed. What you shouldn’t do is go ahead and click the link and enter any bank details or passwords. If you recieve any suspicious looking contact from any user claiming to be Apple you should call the Apple customer service helpline on  0800 048 0408 immediately.

Lines are open between 08.00 and 21.00, Monday to Friday and 09.00 and 18.00 at the weekend.

Technical Support

Recieve technical support over the phone by calling the Apple technical support team on  0800 107 62 85. At first you will be greeted by an automated telephone service, which will guide you towards the specialist who can assist you,  to expedite this process it will be useful if you have your device’s serial number, and your apple account ID to hand before you make your call.

Ongoing technical support is also offered to business customers who have signed up for the Joint Venture service. Customers should phone 0800 058 2222

Similiarly Apple provide specialist support for educational institutions in thd state sector including primary, secondary schools, colleges, universities and also schools, colleges and places of higher learning within the private sector. To avail of this specialist technical support you will first need to register your school with Apple Education by calling 0800 912 0207.

Lines open between 08.00 and 21.00, Monday to Friday and 09.00 to 21.00 at the weekend.

Apple Store

Whilst Apple have a huge high street presence many customers these days choose to purchase their apple device over the phone by calling the Apple store on 0844 209 0611. You can keep track or modify any purchases by calling  0800 048 0408. Returns can be organised on telephone number: 0800 058 2222. This number is also suitable for customers wishing to make international orders from European Union countries.

Apple Business

Apple offer specialist sales and IT support to business customers on 0800 058 2222. This is also the number you will need to enquire about joining the Joint Venture, a support service for business customers of Apple, which provides training, IT support and sales information including advice on reductions for bulk purchases. If you already a business customer you can call this number to receive advice for Apple accredited independent IT support services in your area.

Lines open 09.00 to 18.00, Monday to Friday.

Apple Education

Because of their tactile design and ease of use many primary schools choose to purchase iPads as the ideal device to introduce students to the wonders of modern technology.Indeed Apple products are part of the furniture in educational settings from the primary classroom to the university lecture hall. If you would like to contact Apple about the possibility of introducing iPads into your classroom then phone 0800 912 0207.

Lines open 09.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday.

Beats by Dr. Dre

Beats by Dr. Dre are a wireless headphone and amplifier company that were bought by Apple in 2014. If you have any customer service enquiry then you will need to contact Apple on a seperate customer helpline: 0800 028 2329.


Apple boast a range of products and services aimed at making their products more accessible for customers with disabilities, these are pitched at helping pupils and students, employers and employees, and individuals in their homes and their communities. For more information on these products and services contact Apple on 0800 048 0754.

Customer Service Team Customer Service Number
General Customer Service Number 0800 107 6285
Technical Support 0800 058 2222
Apple Store 0844 209 0611
Apple Business 0800 058 2222
Apple Education 0800 912 0207
Beats Support 0800 028 2329
Accessibility Support 0800 107 6285
-Accessibility and Assistive Technology 0800 048 0754
Media Enquires 020 8278 1440


Among laptop owners MacBooks, iMacs and other Apple PCs are not renowned for hosting the best games, instead the focus seems to have been on building lightweight, portable machines with excellent design and all round user-friendliness. However, if we turn to their iPad and iPhone range we get a different picture with thousands of startup and more established companies fighting for their share of a saturated iOS games development market. A quick google search wil reveal the huge number of games on the market for the Apple iOS platforms. These games can be purchased through the Apple store and if you have a problem with the sales aspect of your product then you can call Apple on: 0800 048 0408.

However, if you come across a design fault in your game, or a problem withn userability then you also have the option of contacting the designer of the game directly. Before you buy your game from the Apple Store you will be given a description of the game including when the game was made, in which country and, importantly, the name of the individual or company who designed it. It is worth taking note of this when you buy your game.