Phone Number: 0800 783 1340

Contact by telephone on 0800 783 1340 regarding payment issues, cancellation requests or to change a detail on your account. Lines to this number are open between 9am and 9pm Monday to Friday, and 9-5.30 at the weekend. Contact Number – 0800 783 1340

Customers can contact the team in the UK using their customer service number 0800 783 1340. If you have a general enquiry relating to the DNA testing kit process then use this support number. Existing customers can also use this number to check if a DNA sample has arrived. Technical Support

If you experience any difficulties accessing your account, due to forgetting your password or account name then phone 0800 783 1340 to request a reset. For example if you are struggling with the two step verification process then phone to get help accessing your account. It is also the correct number to call to seek help troubleshooting any difficulties you are experiencing when using the website.

This support number can also be used to seek assistance with a gift membership activation. Billing Issues Phone Number members can also phone their 0800 783 1340 phone number to get support with payment issues. Therefore if you have been double-billed you can phone this number to seek a refund. Similarly phone the phone number if you have been charged after cancelling a subscription. Support Email

Customers can also contact the support team using the email address: