Ambrose Wilson Phone Number: 0345 071 9018

If possible avoid phoning the 0871 contact telephone number that is advertised at the top of the Ambrose Wilson website. Calls to this premium rate number would be charged up to 13 pence per minute as well as an access charge. It is advertised as the Ambrose Wilson order line number, but it will be much cheaper to try to make your purchase on the 0345 number featured below…  

Ambrose Wilson Free Contact Number: 0345 071 9018

Phone the Ambrose Wilson customer service number 0345 071 9018 if you would like to chase up an order or file a complaint. 

For many calling Ambrose Wilson the number 0345 071 9018 will be free of charge. At the very least this  is not a premium rate number and the most you will be charged is the same rate as if you were calling a business or home landline. Indeed for many calls to this number will be included in their mobile phone package and as such will be free to call.

Lines to this number are open between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8-6 on weekends.

About Ambrose Wilson

Ambrose Wilson are an online shop selling clothing, electrical equipment and accessories. Customers who are new to online shopping and would like to learn more about the process can phone 0345 0787999


Ambrose Wilson Complaints

Customers can make complaints using the Ambrose Wilson general enquiries email:

If the complaint relates to a purchase on the website then you should phone 0345 071 9018. Or dial 0345 026 3899 if your complaint relates to credit, finance or insurance.