Altra Running

Altra Running are an American shoe design and production company famous for their zero drop design; if you would like to arrange a return on a product you are not safisfied with then contact them at their head office in Cheshire on 0161 366 2050 

Altra Running, who trade in the UK as Altra Footwear, are most often referred to simply as Altra. They were founded in 2009 when their founder Golden Harper observed that barefoot runners adopt a different posture than runners in trainers. This was because all running trainers were higher at the heel than at the toe. He subsequently developed a running shoe where the heel and the toes are in a natural alignment. He decided to call this new design the Zero Drop.

Zero Drop

Although they operate independently Altra are owned by Icon Health & Fitness, an American company who operate through a servies of brands like Gold’s Gym, NordicTrack and Altra. As well as running trainers Altra also sell running jackets plus other running equipment. They make most of their online sales through third party websites but you can also buy your trainers directly from their Altra Footwear website.

Contact Altra Running

An address and telephone number appear at the bottom of the Altra Footwear website. The contact number is 0161 366 5020 and the address, below:

Outdoor & Sports Company Ltd
Redfern house
Dawson Street
SK14 1RD

However, when I phoned this number to see if it worked a totally different company answered, so it may not be correct or they may work from an office where there are several different companies.

If you would like to contact their parent company, Icon Health & Fitness, then phone: 01924 847 724