Alton Towers Contact Number: 01538 704096

⚠️ Alton Towers advertise a premium rate 0870 telephone number on their company website. Calls to this number will be charged at up to 78 pence per minute ⚠️ 

Instead choose the number you need from the table below. All the contact numbers for Alton Towers presented here are either local-rate 01 numbers or non-geographical local rate 03 numbers. 

Department Contact Number
General Enquiries

01538 704096

Hotel Bookings

0300 332 1422

Alton Towers Resort Switchboard

01538 704 600

Head Office / Complaints

01202 666900

Conference + Events

01538 704030


01538 704439

Alton Towers General Enquiries

The Alton Towers general enquiries lines is 01538 704 096. Calls to this line will take you straight through to a customer service agent at the park. They will be able to advise with ticketing enquiries, give information on rides and other facilities. You can also use this number if you would like to find out more about the Alton Towers resort including options for a short break in one of their hotels.

Alton Towers Hotel Bookings

If you would like to book a stay at Alton Towers then phone the booking line 0300 332 1422. Alton Towers provides some brilliantly eccentric themed rooms for you and your children to choose from together. It is a truly magical place for you to book an overnight stay or short trip. Phone the booking line on 0300 332 1422 to make your children’s dreams come true.

Alton Towers Resort Switchboard – 01538 704 600

Phone the Alton Towers Resort switchboard on 01538 704 600 ahead of your stay to make the team aware of any dietary requirements you may have. For example if you have an allergy such as dairy, peanut etc you can let the team know so they can help you plan your eating options. Similarly you can phone them on 01538 704600 if you want the staff to outline vegan or vegetarian dining options ahead of your stay.

Phone the Alton Towers Resort switchboard on 01538 704 600 to get in touch with the lost property team. A member of the team will be able to check the lost property on your behalf as well as do a search of the room that you stayed in.

Alton Towers Head Office / Complaints

If you have a complaint about any aspect of your visit to Alton Towers then you can take it up with Merlin Entertainments. They are the owners of the Alton Towers brand. You can contact them on 01202 666900. They will be able to formally log and deal with your issue and hopefully help you come to a suitable resolution.

Alton Towers Conferences and Events

What better way to make your business stand out from the crowd by booking your conference or event at Alton Towers. The resort has a wide range of rooms suitable for small to medium business meetings. Large businesses can choose to book the the conference centre which also includes residential options.