Allianz Health Insurance

 Allianz JingDong General Insurance Company Ltd are a company registered in China that specialise in providing expat travel and health insurance. You can contact their sales team on 400 886 6014 from inside China, or +86 21 6042 4647.


Allianz Expat Insurance Sales

Contact the sales team at Allianz JingDong General Insurance Company to discuss taking out medical insurance for your trip to China. The numbers are: 400 886 6014, or +86 21 6042 4647

Allianz offer medical insurance packages for both individuals and families visiting China. They provide three main care packages these are:

Diamond Care

This package includes cover for up to 4,200,000 Chinese Yuan and includes a semi-private room in hospital. It also covers repatriation, a medical evaluation, oncology and in-patient day care. Phone the sales number 400 886 6014 or +86 21 6042 4647 if you would like to discuss the optional extras like an outpatient plan, dental care and health and wellbeing.

Diamond Prime

The Diamond Prime insurance scheme offers a private room as part of the package, as well as cover for up to 9,450,000 Chinese Yuan. It also offers repatriation, a medical evaluation, oncology and in-patient day care. Contact Allianz on their sales number for information about optional extras.

Diamond Plus

With cover for up to 18,900,000 yuan, the Diamond Plus health insurance scheme represents Allianz’s most comprehensive healthcare package. It includes a private room as well as oncology cover, in-patient care, and a repatriation plan. You can also choose among optional extras such as a maternity plan, dental and health and well-being. It is the best package to choose if you are visiting China while pregnant. Phone the  Allianz Sales team on 400 886 6014 or +86 21 6042 4647 to take out your personalised health insurance plan for your trip to China.

You can also get in touch with the sales team at Allianz Medical by emailing

When you have decided which healthcare plan you want for your China trip you should fill in this application form: Allianz China Travel Insurance Application

Scan and email the completed application form to


Alliance Health Insurance Helpline

Customers who have taken out an Allianz healthcare insurance for their China trip can phone 400 886 6014 or +86 21 6042 4647 with any general enquiries. It is a customer service number which you can use to enquire about hospitals or any aspect of your China medical insurance. You can also use this number to make a claim on your China Health insurance plan.


Alliance Medical Emergencies number

You can also use the 400 886 6014 number to report any medical emergencies and begin the claim process on your China medical insurance. So if you have an accident when in China that requires emergency treatment you should phone 400 886 6014 as soon as is safe to do so. The customer service team will be able to arrange your healthcare at an affiliate hospital and ensure your smooth passage through the Chinese healthcare system. 


Member Verification

If you end up hospitalised during your trip to China you may need someone in the hospital to verify your China medical insurance with a member of staff at Allianz. They can do this over the phone by calling 400 8866014, or +86 10 8535 5624. It will help if you carry some information about your policy such as your policy number with you at all times.