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About Alboraq Saudi Arabia

Alboraq are a Saudi Arabian tour guide company that offer holiday packages and tours in Saudi Arabia. Many of their packages are off the beaten track and offer a chance to get a real taste of authentic and traditional Saudi Arabian life. For example one of their tour sites is the Nisnas Camp where they offer camping in a luxury Bedouin tent in a desert location. If you are interested in an authentic Bedouin experience in 

Alboraq Alula Packages

Alboraq also offer holiday packages to Alula, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the province of Medina. Also known as Hegra this ancient site, parts of which are built into the mountains, dates all the way back to the Nabatean Kingdom. Later the site was taken over by the Lihyanite Kingdom and then came under Roman occupation. The site contains traces of all three of these kingdoms.