Al Ahsa Grand Hotel Reservation Number: 966-13-589-0000

Make a booking at the Al Ahsa Grand Hotel in Saudi Arabia by calling their reservation number 966-13-589-0000. You can also connect with the team by emailing the team on info@alahsagrand, or by filling in the contact us form on the Al Ahsa website.

About Al Ahsa

Located in the east of Saudi Arabia, Al Ahsa is a city about a 5 hour drive from Qatar. The city is important as a tourist destination thanks to it’s local cave system including ancient rock carving. It is also important in terms of economy and business due to its location near the Ghawar Oil Field. For this reason the Al Ahsa Grand attracts a huge number of tourists and business people from all over the world. If you would like to make a booking at the hotel then phone the customer service team on 966-13-589-0000.

Al Ahsa Grand Hotel Rooms and Facilities

Al Ahsa have 80s suites available for booking and they also have facilities for conducting business on-site. Consider Al Ahsa as a suitable location for a conference, or business meeting. To make bookings phone Al Ahsa on 966-13-589-0000. or email info@alahsagrand.