Ahmedabad Landline Code: 079

Have you received a phone call from a landline number that begins with 079, are you wondering whereabouts in India this phone call was made from? Well, look no further….

As a tier 1 city Ahmedabad in Gujarat has an easily memorisable three digit STD code. The landline STD code is 079 and it prefixes the landline telephone number of all domestic, commercial and public telephone numbers in the city.

 People in the UK could easily confuse a call from a Ahmedabad landline as being from a mobile, as mobile numbers in the UK often begin with 079. This is in contrast to the Delhi STD code 011.


Ahmedabad STD Code

STD code refers to Subscriber Trunk Dialling, which can also be referred to as landline number or local code. As mentioned Ahmedabad’s STD code is relatively short; it is one of only 8 cities with this distinctions. Smaller cities have STD code of four digits or as many as five or six. 

Be aware that the Ahmedabad STD code becomes even shorter if you are calling the city from outside India. In this case you need to drop the zero and replace it with the +91 STD code for India.


Ahmedabad Tourist Board

An example of the Ahmedabad STD 079 code number in use is at the start of the number for the Ahmedabad offices of the official Gujurat Tourist Board. You can call them on 079 26578044, or 079 26589172. Note that both numbers are prefixed with the 079 Ahmedabad STD code number.

The postal address of these offices are as follows:

Tourism Corporation of Gujurat LTD

H.K House,

Ashram Road


Ahmedabad Radisson Blu Hotel

The landline code for Ahmedabad also appears in the telephone number for the classy Radisson Blu hotel located on Panchavati Circle. In this example the telephone number is 079 4050 1234. Visitors should save this number in case they need to contact the hotel during their stay. 


Ahmedabad City

As the home to a wealth of attractions such as Gandhi Ashram, the Law Gardens, Kankaria Lake and Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, the city attracts visitors throughout the year. It is also close to the stunning Adajel Stepwells, an example of Hindi and Mughal architecture blended to create stunning drinking wells.



Note that the city Ahmedabad is the headquarters of a district of the same name. This district is India’s 7th largest in terms of population and there are many STD codes within the wider district. 

Ahmedabad District


Ahmedabad District STD Codes

The areas that comprise the district of Ahmedabad that you can see above in the map have the following STD codes. Note that some of the areas share the same STD code. Also note that the district of Ahmedabad is covered by a total of 5 STD codes. The code of Ahmedabad city is three digits and is very different from the codes for the other areas which run from 2713 to 2717, but curiously miss out on the number 2616? An unlucky number? Some superstition at work? Who knows… but below is the full list of local STD access codes for the district of Ahmedabad in Gujurat.

Area STD Code
Ahmedabad 079
Daskroi 079
Detroj 2715
Dhanduka 2713
Dholera 2713
Dholka 2714
Mandal 2715
Sanand 2717
Viramgram 2715