Action Against Medical Accidents Helpline: 0345 123 2352

Be aware that the Action Against Medical Accidents charity use call pairing. This means they use 0345 and 0845 as prefixes on their helpline number. Therefore you have a choice:

If you phone 0345 123 2352 you will be charged as if you called a 01 or 02 local-rate landline number. In contrast a call to 0845 123 2352 will see you charged 7 pence per minute plus an access charge of up to 65 pence from your provider. Both numbers will take you through to the same team and we suggest you choose to dial the 0345 number. You can also initiate your claim following a medical injury online using the Action Against Medical Action new client form.

It would seem that Action Against Medical Accidents are suggesting using their premium rate phone number helpine as a kind of donation line. It would be much better if you donated directly to them  on the donate page of their website rather. If you would like to report a medical complaint then we suggest you dial the 0345 123 2352 line or fill in their new client form.

Action Against Medical Accidents Complaints

If you are unhappy with an aspect of your customer service experience from Accidents Against Medical Complaint then you can contact them by telephone on 0208 688 9555.