Abbott Freestyle Libre Phone Number: 0800 170 1177

Phone the Abbott Diabetes Care phone number 0800 170 1177 for information and advice on purchasing a diabetes scanner, lancing device, or blood glucose testing pack. A customer service representative will be able to explain to you how to use your pack and advise on the best purchasing options.

Abbott Freestyle Contact Number: 0800 170 1177

Abbott Diabetes Care are a UK company that provide a huge range of state-of-the-art products that can help customers manage their diabetes. If you are interested in finding out about or purchasing one of their products then phone their freephone 0800 customer contact number: 0800 170 1177

The number is also suitable for people to seek technical advice, for example for support in updating a Freestyle Libre Reader. As well as this the number can also be used if you would like to complain about or request a replacement product. For example, if the sensor on your Abbott Freestyle Libre is no longer working you can report this over the phone to request a new device.

Customers can also contact Abbott Freestyle using the contacts page on their website: Abbott Freestyle