OMG YouTube content creator Bazerk legit put his REAL phone number 530658029 in as his name on the game Among Us. His phone number appears as 530-656-8029 on the thumbnail of his music video.

This meant he received calls from other gamers who were playing at the same time. He even posted the video on YouTube. Callers were able to phone him and speak to him during live-play in public lobbies. It was awesome, dude.

After only 45 seconds of his YouTube video he got a call from another gamer asking why Bazerk killed his character. His problems extended into real life too as he complains that his girlfriend had just broken up with him. Bazerk quickly hangs up the call as the conversation just get weirder bro!

Bazerk Phone Number 530-656-8029

The 530 prefix on this phone number indicates that Bazerk lives in California, as that is the telephone access code to that state.

The bad news is that Bazerk changed his phone number shortly after this video so you can no longer contact him on 5305658029. However you can always contact Bazerk by email on BazerkBusiness@gmail.com