The telephone number 07904991743 is being used to send scam Royal Mail texts to try and dupe UK citizens. These texts include a warning that a parcel has an unpaid shipping fee of £2.99. 

If you receive a text from a number that appears as +447904991743, or 07904991743 on your phone then do not respond. It is also extremely important that you do not click on any links that are included in the main body of the text. The link is to the following website which was set up to scam UK residents:


This Royal Mail Return website is a scam. It was designed to look like the real Royal Mail website. it has a section where you can input your bank details. Anyone who does this will have their personal and banking details used against them fraudulently.

What does the text from +447904991743 say?

The most recent fraudulent text that was reported to us read: 

Royal Mail: your parcel has a £2.99 unpaid shipping fee, pay this now at https://royalmail-return(.)com Failure will result in your parcel being returned.