The telephone number +447535751023 is being used to send scam census text to residents of the UK. If you get a text from this number then do not click on any links, just delete and block the number.

This census scam number was first reported on the 11th April 2021 by a Facebook user called Amanda Taylor. The message from +447535751023 was as follows:

Census: there’s incorrect information on your census form, you are now at risk of a £1000 fine. To avoid this visit: census-invalid-information(.)com.

What is the website Census Invalid Information?

The website census-invalid-information is a scam site designed to trick UK residents into inputting their personal and banking information. Anyone who does so will have their details used against them for the purposes of fraud. If you get a message from +447535751023 or any other number containing a link to the site census invalid information then be do not click on any links. Instead you should simply delete and block the number.