The telephone number +44 7508 210789 is being used in the UK to send scam census texts to residents of the UK. If you receive a text from this number then do not click on any links and do not phone the number back.

Census Scam Text Number +44 7508 210789

The scam census texts have been reported as containing the following message:

Census: There is missing information from your Census application. Update your application please visit: www(.)backtrack-submissions(.)com to avoid a £1000 fine.

The amount chosen for the fine has not been picked out of thin air. In fact the Government’s own leaflets have used the threat of a £1000 pound fine to encourage UK citizens to fill in their census forms.

What is the website backtrack submissions?

The website Backtrack Submissions features on the scam census texts sent from +44 7508 210789. This is not a UK government website. In fact it is hosted on Namecheap a provider that is notorious for hosting scam websites.

This website was set up to look like a UK government site in the hope of stealing your personal and banks details. Avoid falling for this scam by not clicking on any links from the number +44 7508 210789.