+44 7536 699697

Reports have come in that the telephone number +44 7536 699697 is being used to send census scam texts to UK residents.

These messages contain a link to a website called census – fill (.) com which is a website set up by scammers. If you receive a message from +447536699697 then do not click on any links. Instead you should just delete the message and block the number. 

How do these census scam texts work?

These census scams start with an unsolicited text sent to a UK mobile phone number. In April 2021 there has been a census taking place, so these texts suggest that a report has not been made properly. The person who received the text is invited to visit a website, in this case census fill .com in order to fill in their details again to avoid a fine.

However, this site is not run by a UK government agency. In fact it was registered by scammers on the 8th of April 2021, just a few days before the scam texts containing the link were sent. If you do receive a text from + 44 7536 699697 then do not click on any links even out of curiosity as we do not know if they may contain malware.