Dude… Plu just like totally put his online cell Skype number on Fortnite. He changed his username to CallMe4197405147, and totally got like a heap of calls from other gamers.  He just uploaded a video of it and you can see the number 4197405147 clearly in the corner.

Plu Number – 4197405147

Plu is a YouTuber with over a million subscribers and he has a ton of cool vids of him playing Fortnite. He loves to interact with his followers so sometimes he changes his username to his phone number, inviting his fellow gamers to call him up.

The first call came in after just 40 seconds and it was from a couple of gamers in the Arena Champs Fortnite secion who he had just knocked out! 

The third call he gets begins with the awesome line: ‘Did you just kill me on Fortnite? Plu responds ‘I think so yeah, I was the one who chopped you down.’

Be aware though that in the description to the video it says that he just disabled his Skype phone number. So if you try calling him on 4197405147 now it is unlikely to be successful.