3M Phone Number: 01344 858000

The bad news is that 3M have chosen to advertise a premium-rate 0870 number as their general enquiries contact.

The good news is that you can avoid calling it and connect with the customer service team by dialling 01344 858 000. This number will take you directly through to the 3M help centre where you will be able to receive advice and support with orders.

3M do not even have a disclaimer on their website about the charges for Calls to 0870. Fortunately though we are here to fill you in. Calls to 0870  numbers are charged at 13 pence per minute plus an access charge set by your provider (usually very hefty). 01344 is the local dialling code for Bracknell where their offices are located. Save yourself some money; phone them on 01344 858000.