2K Games

Contact 2K Games at their UK international office on 01753 496 600 to enquire about anticipated release dates of upcoming games in the UK or for technical support on titles that have already been released. 2K Games are a subsidiary company of their owners Take Two Games who also own Rockstar Games

2K Games are a US game developer and publisher responsible for popular titles such as Borderlands, Civilisation, and Bioshock. Over the last few years titles such as these have been a mainstay for gamers on consoles such as the Xbox 360, Xbox One, the Playstation series. One of the great things about 2K Games is that they develop a broad range of games in genres such as action, sports, RPG, strategy and family entertainment.

Take Two Interactive

Take Two Interactive own 2K Games and both companies can be contacted at their headquarters in Windsor on 01753 496 600. Or you can write to the following address:

2-4 Victoria Street