119 Covid Number

Phone the Covid number 119 if you are concerned  because you have not received the results of your Coronavirus test that was taken in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. You can also use the 119 number to book  a Covid-19 vaccination or a test.

Covid Helpline 119

Phone 119 for help and support in booking your Covid vaccination, or for support with getting your result after the test has taken place.

When you phone the 119 Covid helpline you will be presented with the following automated options:

If you’re calling from England press 1, Scotland press 2, Wales press 3, or Northern Ireland press 4

If you press 1 here, for England you are provide with a further two options:

For the Test and Trace service press 1, for the Coronavirus/Covid 19 vaccination service press 2.

You will then be taken to the following options depending which number you have chosen: 

Customers who Press 1: Customers who Press 2:
If you are calling about covid-19 testing including requesting a test, registering a test, chasing your test results, or general  testing enquiries then press1 You have chose the NHS Coronavirus/ Covid-19 vaccination service. If you have been identified as being in one of the priority groups you can book your Coronavirus/ Covid-19 vaccination now by pressing 1
If you are calling about covid 19 trace including for isolation guidance, payments, or contact tracing, press 2. Or, for vaccination enquiries, press 2