Beware the number 09095569785 is a premium rate scam. If you receive a text inviting you to phone this number do not do so. 

Premium rate 09 scam

This 09095569785 number has been set up by someone intent on scamming you out of your hard-earned cash. They will have rented this premium rate number and then sent multiple texts to mobile phones around the UK knowing that people who phone back will be charged an extortionate amount. Those who do phone the number 09095569785 will be charged up to £3.60 per minute. It doesn’t end there either those unfortunate to call will also be charged a potentially even bigger fee for the connection charge imposed by their mobile phone provider.

The lesson from this is that this 09095569785 is a scam and you should never phone any number beginning 09.

How can I report this scam?

The best place to report this scam is to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). You can report here: report this number.