The telephone number 09095560000 is being used as part of a malicious and expensive scam.

On the 18th September 2020 a Twitter user reported receiving a text from the number 07380 794757. The message suggests the receiver of the text has been left a voicemail message. In order to retrieve the voicemail the text message advises to phone 09095560000.

In fact you have not been left a voicemail message, instead  the number 09095560000 will connect you with an extortionately charged premium rate connection. Do not, under any circumstances phone the number 09095560000. 

The message also contains the email address support@prestigecomms.net


What should I do if I get a text message containing the number 09095560000?

The most important thing is that you do not phone this premium rate ’09’ number. You should also not phone the number the text was sent from (a normal-looking mobile 07 number. Needless to say  don’t use the email address included in the message either.

You can report the message to your phone provider, then you should delete and block the number.