The telephone number 0905 0040300 is a scam phone number that will lead to huge charges on your mobile phone bill if you phone it. The tweet below details the case of a lady who was unfortunate enough to incur a £45.06 bill for one call to this premium rate number.



Fortunately this ladies friend was able to get her a full refund via her mobile phone network.


What shall I do if I get a call from 0905 0040300?

Well the first thing you should do is not interact with the text or call the number. Next you can contact your network to let them know you have received a text from a phone scammer. 

If you are unfortunate enough to have already phoned the number 0905 0040300 you should contact your mobile phone provider to let them know. Hopefully they will be able to arrange a refund.

If you like you can take things further by contact the phone regulation authority PSA to complain.