The telephone number 07502033943 is being used as part of a HSBC new device scam. Residents of the UK have reported receiving unsolicited texts from this number. 

Texts from the number 07502033943 contain the following message:

HSBC: A payment was attempted from a new device on 14th April 2021. If this was not you please visit cancel(.)accounts(-)review(.)co(.)uk

What is the website Cancel Accounts Review .co (.) uk?

The Cancel Accounts Review website is a scam. It was registered on the 14th of April 2021. It is designed to look like an official website so that people will feel comfortable adding their personal and banking details. However, anyone who put any bank details into this site will be at severe risk of fraud. 

As soon as the website was set up text messages from 07502033943 began to be sent.