01332 872 770

Know that 01332 872 770 is a number used by scammers pretending to represent HMRC. The scammers will warn that HMRC are launching a fraud investigation against you. Hang up the phone.

Phone Number 01332 872 770

The caller will then proceed to ask you for your personal details and, most concerning of all, your bank detail. These will be used to commit fraud against you. Please remember that generally speaking HMRC will not phone you. If you are unsure put the phone down and phone HMRC on one of the numbers provided on their Gov.uk website.

Report the number 01332 872 770 to HMRC

You can also report a HMRC phishing scam to their fraud team on this email: phishing@hmrc.gov.uk HMRC also advise you to put in some details of the scam in the subject line, in this case: suspicious phone number 01332 872 770