Flood Risk Home Insurance Phone Numbers

 Climate change campaigning by politicians, celebrities and the general public has made people more aware of the medium term threat to our whole planet of global warming. In the here and now global warming is also seen as the reason for the increased rainfall levels that have been observed across the UK in recent years. This increase has led to an increase in reports of flooding in many parts of the country.


Flood Re: 0330 024 3131

In response the UK founded Flood Re in 2016, this is an initiative that works to assist householders living in the most at risk of flooding areas to find affordable insurance. We would strongly advise anyone who feels their house may be in a high risk of flooding area to contact Flood Re on 0330 024 3131. They will be able to advise you on your best options for taking out a flood insurance policy. You can also contact Flood Re by email: information@floodre.co.uk


Flood Risk Insurance Providers UK

On this page we will summarise the contact details of some of the best flood insurance schemes, as well as providing links to more comprehensive pages on each company.


Company Number
Adrian Flux
Arkwright Insurance Brokers  
Higos Insurance Services LTD
01458 675 627
Sagar Insurances