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0124 494 0670

Treat the telephone number 0124 494 0670, which may appear as +44 0124-494-0670, with caution. This telephone number may be in use by scammers.  This phone number is advertised as the contact number for a variety of unrelated businesses including Facebook UK, Hotmail, and even McAfee. Obviously this can not be the contact support number… Read More »

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020 3946 9300

The number 020 3946 9300 is a pay support line run by Comensura, a payroll company in Bedfordshire. Their pay systm is called CNET and they run the HR and payroll for a number of established companies such as the British Council. If you receive a phone call from the number 020 3946 9300 it… Read More »

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01527 962354

The telephone number 01527 962354 is employed by Octopus Energy, a UK gas and energy provider to contact customers. If the telephone number 01527 962354 appears on your phone then you should answer as it is not a scam number.  The number 01527 962354 has been verified as Octopus Engergy by the company on both… Read More »

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07983846842 is the Clubs Complete number for Moor Green Primary School in Birmingham, England. Parents can phone this number to contact the Moor Green Clubs Compete team outside of their normal office hours of 9am to 4pm. Phone Clubs Complete on this number to let the team know that you will be late in picking… Read More »

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083 4040293

The telephone number 083 4040293 has been reported as the source of scam texts sent to mobile phone owners in the Republic of Ireland. The most recent iteration of this text involved the scammer writing to the recipient as if they were their son. The message read ‘mum texting you from a friend’s phone, I’m… Read More »

01522 838840

The telephone number 01522 838840 is owned by Homelet, a landlord insurance that do security and financial viability checks on behalf of landlords and housing agencies in the UK. If you have recently made an application to rent a house in the UK your landlord may have requested that Homelet perform the necessary financial and… Read More »

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0207 946 0052

The telephone number 0207 946 0052 appears on an episode of the Mr Bean animated series. The telephone number 0207 946 0052 appears in series 2 episode 49 of the Mr Bean cartoon. It is given as a contact number for Mr Bean on a flyer he makes to advertise his Pizza Bean pizza deliver… Read More »

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07520 660651

The mobile telephone number 07520 660651 is used by Moor Green primary Academy in Birmingham to send updates to parents of children at the school. These updates may include reminders of school holidays and bank holidays. Parents may also receive a message suggesting that they owe money to the school to be paid on the… Read More »

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0800 023 2076

Have you missed a call from 0800 023 2076? If so we’ll wager that you’ve had some recent dealings with the Pension Service. The telephone number 0800 023 2076 is a legitimate DWP number that is used by the Pension Service to make phone calls regarding Bereavement Benefits. The most likely reason you are receiving… Read More »

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01202 544342

The telephone number 01202 544342 is from AXA health insurance, the company trying to sell you one of their health insurance policies. This number has been reported for cold calling by a number of UK residents who have put thier contact details into price comparison sites provided by companies like Moneysupermarket.  Sites such as these… Read More »

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