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C.H.C. Waste Facilities Management Ltd.

Phone C.H.C. Waste Facilities Management Ltd. on 0800 085 7829 to see how they can help your medical facility dispose of waste materials in a more environmentally friendly manner. If you are looking for a waste disposal company in Wales, then you should contact them by telephone on 0800 085 7829. The company are located… Read More »

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Cambly Contact

The easiest and cheapest way to contact Cambly is by email on, you can also phone them at their offices in California (+1) 916 445 1254. Get a job teaching online with Cambly Cambly are always looking for new teachers to join their existing talent pool. Anyone interested in taking up a teaching job… Read More »

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Cannadine Carpets Phone Number: 01273 567183

Give the Cannadine carpets showroom in Newhaven a phone call on 01273 567183. You can use this number to organise a home visit or to find out about their stock in their Newhaven showroom.  

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Caredoc out of hours phone number: 0818 300 365

Phone Caredoc on 0818 300 365 for out of hours medical enquiries and advice or to book GP appointments in the Carlow, Kilkenny, South Tipperary, and Waterford or Wexford. The Caredoc support line is also available for people living in south Wicklow. You can also contact the Caredoc team by email on Caredoc opening… Read More »

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Carpenters Solicitors Number: 0151 637 3400

Phone Carpenters solicitors on 0151 637 3400 to speak to a member of the legal services team. You can also contact Carpenters solicitors using their online enquiry form. Carpenters Solicitors have two offices in Birkenhead, Merseyside and the 0151 number above is the local rate number for calls to Birkenhead. Carpenters Solicitors 0344 Number An… Read More »

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Cartier Client Services: 020 7408 9192

Contact the Cartier customer service line 020 7408 9192 for information about their stock of watches and other jewellery.  The above number is a customer service line for  the UK branch of Cartier located on Bond Street, London. Cartier are a high-end jewellers with a huge store of diamond encrusted watches, silver jewellery and other… Read More »

Casas Cantabricas phone number: 01223 328721

Phone Casas Cantabricas on 01223 328721 to find out about their hotel and self-catering options in Spain. Casas Cantabricas are a travel agents based in Cambridge that specialise in arranging trips to Spain. They can organise hotels, cottages, villas and campsites in a range of locations across the country. Popular locations include Galicia, Bilbao, and… Read More »