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617 146 9853

The telephone number 617 146 9853 appears in a scene in the movie the Equaliser. In this scene Robert McCall, a hitman played by Denzel Washington, is threatening a Russian mafia boss. In the scene McCall has a pair of bloodied glasses belonging to the now dead henchman of the Mafia boss. Towards the end… Read More »


60777 is a premium rate text number which is run by Interlinked Media to send marketing text messages on behalf of UK businesses and charities.  Below we can see a Greenpeace patron who has received one of these texts. He complains that he has to pay to text a premium rate number just to opt… Read More »

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The text number 68359 is being used to send scam texts to UK mobile phone users. If you receive a text from this number purporting to be from Netflix then do not respond as you may be charged between 1 and £5. Texts from this number are not from Netflix. Several UK citizens have reported… Read More »


The telephone number +639055644987 is being used to launch an AIB bank scam in Ireland. If you get a text from +639055644987 do not press any options or call the number back.   I almost fell for one too!! It was after lockdown and I went shopping and spent a bunch of money and got… Read More »

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If you have received a call from the telephone number +676 8500140, then do not text or phone back. This number is being used  by a team of scammers in Tonga as part of a premium-rate mobile phone scam. The scammers give your mobile a one-ring call. Victims who phone back will be connected to… Read More »

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This telephone number is from Tonga and is being used as part of a premium-rate phone scam targeting victims around the world. The scammers target your mobile phone by making a one-ring call to your number. This is in the hope that you will phone them back. Victims who do phone will be connected to… Read More »

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+676 8974348

This telephone number is being used as part of a premium-rate phone scam originating in Tonga. 676 is the country access code of Tonga and a host of people around the world have complained about being targeted by scams prefixed by this code. Had the same two weeks ago and ignored +676 8974348 Have to… Read More »

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+676 8500170

The telephone number +6768500170 is a scam number with calls received by UK residents of the UK in September 2020. Be aware that in recent weeks several scam numbers, which will appear on your phone as coming from tonga, have been doing the rounds. It is important that you do not answer any calls from… Read More »

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6 Foot Fashion

Phone the 6 foot fashion customer service line on 0208 950 1779 between 9.30 am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. You can also email 6 Foot Fashion on 6 Foot Fashion have a diverse and fashionable range of clothing that caters for taller women. It is a UK shop but gets a lot of… Read More »

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